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Cheek Reduction with Miami Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bared

Perhaps the most modern facial plastic surgery techniques today involve changes to the volume of the face. It is recognized that volumizing of the face provides a more youthful appearance in most patients; while sometimes particular areas of excess fat can be addressed to create a more sculpted attractive appearance. Removal of buccal fat is an office based procedure designed to remove the baby fat that in many patient persists through adulthood, creating a fuller rounded facial appearance that many patients seek to have eliminated. Taking less than 45 minutes in most cases to perform, it involves the removal of the collection of fat through a small incision made inside of the mouth. Rather than liposuction, the fat is gently teased out, allowing it to be removed as one large collection of fat, as shown in the photo below. Several sutures that dissolve are placed to close the incisions, and healing is within a matter of a few days, with minimal to no discomfort nor bruising. This is a procedure than can be performed stand-alone, or at the same time as a facelift to provide a more sculpted facial appearance, in particular helping to enhance the definition of the cheekbones. Click here to contact Dr. Bared to discuss your treatment options.

Small incisions are made within the mouth from which the cheek (buccal) fat pad is removed.

Typical fat extracted from the cheek (buccal) fat pad seen in the photo
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