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Juvederm Vollure in Miami, FL

Aging takes its toll on all of us eventually. As the skin produces less collagen, loses volume, and becomes less elastic, it’s very common to develop deep wrinkles and furrows, which create an aged appearance. 

The good news is that there are now a number of highly effective injectable dermal filler treatments available for treating wrinkles without surgery or significant downtime. Dr. Anthony Bared, one of Miami’s most trusted providers of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures, offers Juvederm Vollure to patients who are seeking a non-invasive solution for deep facial lines and wrinkles. 

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What Is Juvederm Vollure?

Juvederm Vollure is a gel-based injectable filler that consists of approximately 17.5 mg/ml hyaluronic acid (HA). Hyaluronic acid is a substance naturally found in the body. Its main function is to keep the skin and connective tissues well-hydrated, creating volume and firmness within the skin. 

Hyaluronic acid creates extremely natural and long-lasting results when injected into various areas of the face. Benefits include:

  • Improved skin elasticity 
  • Restored facial volume 
  • Low risk of an allergic reaction
  • Instant results
  • Long-lasting rejuvenation

Like many other injectable HA products in the Juvederm line, Juvederm Vollure is intended to treat static wrinkles caused by volume loss, such as the nasolabial folds extending from the bottom of the nose to the upper lip. Juvederm Vollure also contains a small amount of lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic that helps to make the procedure more comfortable. The anesthetic is mixed into the solution to prevent pain at the injection sites.

What Does Juvederm Vollure Treat?

Most Miami clients request Juvederm Vollure to reduce or eliminate moderate to severe nasolabial folds, laugh lines, and parentheses lines. However, it’s possible to use this product in other areas of the face, such as the chin and jawline.

Juvederm Vollure instantly helps patients look younger. By filling in deep lines and wrinkles, patients will be able to turn back the clock temporarily and feel more confident in their appearance. 

How Does Juvederm Vollure Work?

Juvederm Vollure works by injecting the HA product into the deep tissues of the facial skin and adding volume. Because it is made from a biocompatible material, the body accepts the new volume and adds hydration to the area, filling in wrinkles for long-lasting rejuvenation. 

The treatment provides phenomenal results in decreasing the appearance of static wrinkles and folds for up to 18 months. Some patients have experienced results that lasted even longer. 

The Juvederm Vollure Procedure

The Juvederm Vollure treatment process can be completed in less than one hour. You’ll need to remove all of your makeup before you come in for the treatment, as you’ll need to have clean skin during the procedure. The practitioner will then apply an antiseptic product to your face to remove any remaining bacteria.

Your provider may apply a numbing agent to your face if you wish, though the product does contain an anesthetic. That will lower the level of discomfort you feel even further. When you are ready, Dr. Bared will inject the product carefully into the areas of your face that have been affected by volume loss and wrinkles. 

How to Prepare for Juvederm Vollure Treatment

Keeping the skin clean is the most important way you can prepare for your appointment. It’s a good idea to avoid over-the-counter pain relievers for about a week before your appointment as they can contribute to bruising. You should also try to avoid alcohol for a few days prior to treatment. 

Good Candidates for Juvederm Vollure

Most people are excellent candidates for this procedure. However, some prospective patients may be at greater risk for complications. These individuals should consult with their primary physician about possible reactions and side effects before moving forward with the treatment. 

An example of someone who might not be a good candidate for this procedure is someone who has severe allergies. They might run the risk of having an allergic reaction to the lidocaine or proteins in the product. Individuals with a history of anaphylaxis-based allergic reactions may not be suitable candidates for the procedure.

Juvederm Vollure Recovery

Side effects after a dermal filler treatment include minor swelling, bruising, and tenderness. These should resolve on their own in the days following treatment. 

One of the benefits of Juvederm Vollure is that it’s only mildly invasive. Therefore, you can return to work and most normal activities right after you receive your treatment. However, there are a few minor restrictions you should follow after your injections. 

Dr. Bared does not recommend engaging in strenuous exercise or exposing yourself to extreme heat for at least 24 hours after the procedure. We also recommend that you avoid alcohol for 24 hours after the procedure. 

Otherwise, you can live your life normally and enjoy your refreshed facial skin!

wavy lines

I am honestly extremely happy with how the procedure went and the current results. I am looking forward to seeing how everything looks when the swelling goes down. The pain was very minimal, and the whole experience with everyone was great.

  • Real patient

Consultation for Juvederm Vollure

A consultation is an essential part of the treatment process. Before your first Juvederm Vollure appointment, you will meet with Dr. Bared at his Miami office and discuss your goals for the treatment. He might ask you questions about your health history to assess your candidacy and may offer alternative options if he thinks there is a better treatment for your needs. 

During this meeting, you can request to see “before and after” photos so that you’ll know what you can expect from the treatment. Don’t forget to ask any questions you may have while you get to know the doctor and discuss your Juvederm Vollure treatment plan. 

Contact Us for a Consultation

You can book your consultation in our Miami, FL office today by completing a short form or calling the facility at 305-359-7299. We also offer virtual consultations for your safety and convenience.

Juvederm Vollure FAQs

Is the procedure painful?

Everyone has a different pain threshold. You may feel slight discomfort during the injections. However, the product contains an anesthetic, and the doctor can offer a numbing agent to further increase your comfort. Any pain you experience should diminish and disappear within the first few days after the procedure.

Are there any side effects?

As with any injectable treatment, you will likely experience some minor side effects such as bruising, tenderness, and swelling. All side effects should subside within seven days after the procedure. The doctor is always available to assist you if you have any issues following your appointment.

Will there be any scars?

Scarring is not likely to occur, as no incisions are made during the treatment. However, it is a possibility if you have a history of abnormal scarring. You should discuss these details during your consultation, and the doctor will advise you about your candidacy for the procedure.

Will the wrinkles come back worse?

The effects of the treatment are not permanent. The results will last for approximately 18 months. Therefore, you will see the folds and parenthesis reappear once the effects of the product wear off. 
However, it’s unlikely that they will come back to a greater degree because of the treatment. You will simply see that area of your face the way it was before you received the treatment. 
You can visit Dr. Bared’s office for another treatment once you notice the effects wearing off if you wish to do so. Alternatively, you can consider trying another treatment method. 

What Vollure office is near me?

If you live near Miami, FL, Dr. Anthony Bared offers Vollure among its services and is conveniently located at 6280 Sunset Dr #506, Miami, FL 33143.

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