Flying in for Surgery with Dr. Bared

A large number of Dr. Bared’s patients travel from out of town to have surgery with him. Dr. Bared and the staff try to make the experience for the patient travelling to see him for surgery as seamless as possible. They understand that having surgery can provoke a lot of anxiety especially for the out of town patient.

What to expect for those travelling to see Dr. Bared

After submitting an inquiry, Dr. Bared and his patient coordinator will personally reach out to you. You can expect an initial email communication personally from Dr. Bared as well as a phone call from his patient coordinator. Patients will then submit their photos with a brief history and their goals for a procedure which will be personally reviewed by Dr. Bared. A virtual consultation can be scheduled before you make the drive or fly in to see Dr. Bared. Although the virtual consultation does not serve as your formal consultation with Dr. Bared, it does serve as a great opportunity for you to review your goals with Dr. Bared and the procedure can be further discussed in detail including what to expect from the recovery. Dr. Bared’s patient coordinator will then assist you with scheduling the formal in-person, consultation as well as provide you with information regarding local accommodations. After the procedure is scheduled, Dr. Bared’s medical assistant will be contacting you if any pre-procedure labs are needed and a lab requisition form will be mailed to you for you to have ahead of your scheduled procedure.

The procedure and recovery period

Although each procedure and the time course can vary, most patients will travel in the day before their scheduled surgery to meet with Dr. Bared for a formal, in-person consultation where a detailed physical examination is performed and the procedure is further discussed. The day after the surgery expect to return to the office for your first follow-up visit. Subsequent follow up visits will be scheduled at this point depending on the exact nature of your procedure but, on average, you can expect to stay locally for a week to 10 days after surgery.