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Facial Scar Revision in Miami, fl

Let past scars not define your present. Dr. Anthony Bared’s Scar Revision in Miami, FL seamlessly fades those blemishes, revealing your skin’s natural elegance and beauty.

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Scar Revision to diminish visible scars on the face and body

At Facial Plastic Surgery Miami, you can find a few different options for scar revision to help you be more comfortable with your appearance.
At Facial Plastic Surgery Miami, you can find a few different options for scar revision to help you be more comfortable with your appearance.

A scar is a visible remnant of a healed wound, and sometimes they are unavoidable. They are a common affliction for many people and can usually be covered up, but scars on the face are especially bothersome because they are difficult to conceal. If your wound caused by an accident or surgical incision did not heal well, your scar may be very prominent, unsightly, or even disfiguring.

This might make you self-conscious because it’s one of the first things people notice when they meet you. If you wish to lessen the appearance of your facial scarring, Dr. Bared may have the solution for you. You don’t have to suffer with prominent facial scars anymore. At Facial Plastic Surgery Miami, you can find a few different options for scar revision to help you be more comfortable with your appearance. Depending on the specific needs of the patient, Dr. Bared may recommend you be seen by a specialist and may refer you to another provider.

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When to Consider Scar Revision

Scar revision can help with a variety of facial scars by reducing their appearance. While a Miami scar revision procedure won’t erase scars entirely, it will camouflage them to a level with which you can be more comfortable. Scars can be reduced in a few different ways. Examples of scarring that this procedure can lessen:

  • Surface irregularity
  • Hypertrophic or raised scars
  • Keloids
  • Contractures, like burn scars

If you have scars on your face that make you uncomfortable and would like to reduce their appearance, then you are a candidate for scar revision at Facial Plastic Surgery Miami. A good scar revision candidate:

  • Has facial scars with which he or she is uncomfortable
  • Is in healthy physical condition
  • Has no skin conditions or diseases on the scar area
  • Is positive and has realistic goals for revision results
  • Doesn’t smoke

Smoking can severely hinder the healing process after scar revision, or even cause the procedure to be less effective. There are a large variety of scars that can occur on the face, and the best way to find out if scar revision can help you if you meet the above qualifications is to set up a consultation with an expert facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Anthony Bared.

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The Scar Revision Consultation with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bared

Scar revision procedures on the face should be performed by a highly trained facial plastic surgeon like Dr. Bared at Facial Plastic Surgery Miami. He has completed all manner of facial plastic surgery procedures with celebrated success, and you can trust him to give you the results you desire. The consultation is an important part of the procedure process, where you will answer questions for Dr. Bared and get some of your own questions answered as well. You can expect to discuss many aspects of your personal health and habits, including:

  • Why you want the procedure
  • What kind of results you expect and desire
  • How the scar was inflicted
  • Details of your medical history
  • Your current state of health
  • Personal habits, such as smoking and alcohol consumption

Your consultation appointment will be a professional and friendly meeting. The intent is to determine your candidacy and make you as comfortable as possible about the procedure. Once you have discussed your health, expectations, and the details about your scar(s), Dr. Bared will advise you as to the best method of scar revision. The next step will be scheduling your actual procedure.

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Each patient is unique and individual results may vary*.

The Scar Revision Procedure

In a way, having a scar revision procedure is like trading one scar for a much smaller and less noticeable one. There are a few different methods Dr. Bared can use to perform your revision, from dermabrasion, lasers, or actual incisions and surgery. He will tell you which one you will need according to the severity of your scar. Most procedures will follow a general set of steps that go something like this:

  1. Anesthetic: This can range from local to intravenous, and it will depend on the type of procedure you are receiving. You can discuss which anesthesia method will work best for your situation during your consultation. Using anesthesia will make the procedure much more comfortable for you. Once it has taken effect, the doctor can begin work.
  2. Treatment: If your scar requires a less invasive surface treatment, the doctor won’t need to make an actual incision. He will use a method like dermabrasion and laser therapy to polish the skin, soften irregularities, and allow healthy new skin to form over your scarred area. For more severe scars, an incision may be required to surgically remove the damage altogether and allow the area to heal in a less noticeable manner.
  3. Closing: If the doctor needed to make an incision, then sutures may be required. For the less invasive treatments, no sutures will be necessary.

Once the procedure is finished, you will be on your way to a diminished scar and a speedy recovery.

Recovery and Results from a Scar Revision

Dr. Bared will give you detailed instructions to care for your scar revision area. Some discomfort is to be expected, but medication may be suggested to alleviate it. You may also experience itching or tenderness, which will heal within a week or two. It can take a few months for the results to be apparent, but they will be long lasting. A scar has not fully matured for 1 year.

Some scars may require multiple appointments with Dr. Bared, but you will be informed of this before the process begins. After the procedure, it is very common to receive steroid injections into the incision to help with the healing process. Also, Dr. Bared recommends the use of silicone sheeting which has shown to be effective in medical trials to help with the healing. When the process is finished, you should have a reduced scar with which you can be more comfortable.

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