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Lip Reduction with Miami Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bared

Lips can appear large and disproportionate in size with the rest of the facial features. They may be too large because of a familial trait or may have become overly large and deformed because of previous long-term filler injection. As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Bared often sees patients who are displeased with the size of their lips. A lip reduction is a simple procedure which can be performed under local anesthesia to reshape the lips and make them smaller in size, balancing with the other facial features. Known as a lip reduction cheiloplasty the procedure takes about 45 mintues to perform and patient return home the same day. The lips are re-shaped to a more natural appearance which is often lost with the prior injection of long-term filler. Dissolvable sutures are used and remain in place for about one week. After a few days of swelling, patients can see the results on average in about one to two weeks. Speak with Dr. Bared today about your candidacy for a lip reduction.

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