What Can You Do About A Sagging Neck?

Posted by Anthony Bared, M.D., F.A.C.S.

What Can You Do About A Sagging Neck?

Aging skin can exhibit a variety of different symptoms. Because of the decrease in skin elasticity that occurs over time, many people experience sagging around the face and neck. Sagging in the jawline, especially under the chin, can be more noticeable in women than in men.

About Sagging in the Neck

Sagging in the neck occurs in most women and men after a certain age. When muscles in the neck begin to weaken, the skin has trouble staying flexible and tight. The loss of firmness in the area causes the skin directly under the chin and the sides of the jaw to droop. With less elasticity, the jawline can look softer and less defined over time.

The skin on the neck is usually thinner than in other areas of the body. There are a variety of reasons why a sagging neck can occur, but it is a common problem for many people. Sun exposure and genetics can be partly to blame, but mostly it is the natural progression of aging skin that produces sagging or drooping underneath the neck.

Can You Fix Neck Sagging At Home?

It can be difficult to reverse the appearance of aging without surgery. While there are many anti-aging creams available for the face, they are usually designed for fine lines and wrinkles. These creams do not usually address the natural sagging of the neck.

Neck exercises yield mixed results. While they may work temporarily to tighten the skin below the jaw, exercises must be done regularly and are generally not very effective.

Some popular exercises suggested for neck sagging include chewing motions and making a “kissing face”. By stretching the muscles underneath the skin, it is thought that there may be a tightening benefit from these movements.

Since all exercise is generally good for the body, these exercises will cause no harm. The results, however, may not be as dramatic as one would hope. While neck exercises yield mixed results, there are more effective treatment options that can help to address signs of aging.

Corrective Surgery For Neck Sagging

Unlike exercises and face creams, plastic surgery is the only neck rejuvenation option that will remove excess skin and fat for long-lasting results. Neck lifts are an effective and safe way to treat loose skin and muscles.

For those who suffer from skin creases, a double chin, or excessive sagging skin, plastic surgery can create a dramatic, yet natural-looking, improvement. For creating a contoured and more youthful look, neck lift surgery is often the best option.

What Is Platysmaplasty?

Platysmaplasty is most often referred to as a neck lift. This popular cosmetic surgery removes excess skin to tighten the neck, chin, and jaw areas. The surgery can reshape the look of the jaw, accentuating certain angles to make the face look slightly sharper and leaner.

There are several different types of neck lift options available. Corset platysmaplasty, liposuction, and cervicoplasty are all surgeries that can reduce excess skin to shape the jawline for a more youthful, defined look. Although their methods vary slightly, a trained surgeon can help you figure out which option works best for you.

What Are the Benefits of A Neck Lift?

A neck lift can help to smooth and tighten the neck area. Since neck sagging is generally a natural part of the aging process, tighter, firmer skin will create a more youthful look. Getting a neck lift can take years off a person’s appearance in a way that facial creams cannot.

The overall jawline is improved with this type of surgery. Even those who have not yet begun to see signs of aging can benefit from tightening the skin underneath their neck. Many people with a “weak chin” or those who have suffered from a thyroid condition can often experience more sagging than usual under their neck. A neck lift can efficiently correct this problem.

The overall neck muscles can also be tightened during a platysmaplasty. Because the skin underneath the neck is loose from a lack of neck muscle tone, tightening the area around the jaw will help keep the neck looking young.

What Does Recovery Look Like?

After a neck lift, the treatment area may feel sore. Some bruising and swelling are to be expected for a few days or weeks following the surgery. Sleeping with an elevated head will help to ease any residual pain post-surgery.

During surgical recovery, rest is crucial to the healing process. While the neck dressing can be removed after just a few days, strenuous activity is not advised at this point. In approximately one week, the sutures can be removed. Depending on the individual patient, a complete neck lift recovery generally takes anywhere from 2 – 4 weeks.

Choosing Your Neck Lift Surgeon

When researching the perfect doctor to perform a neck lift, knowing what to look for is essential. Credentials in the field are a necessity when finding the right fit. Dr. Anthony Bared is a board-certified facial cosmetic surgeon based in Miami, FL. He is certified not only by the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery but also by the American Board of Otolaryngology. To set up an initial consultation appointment, please contact Dr. Anthony Bared at 305-666-1774.