Reducing Overly Large Lips with Lip Reduction Cheiloplasty

Lip reduction cheiloplasty focuses on reducing lip volume through the removal of tissue.

Many people who have unusually large lips feel unhappy with how they look. Very large lips might not just look aesthetically unappealing but could also interfere with normal activities such as talking, smiling, and eating. There could be a number of different reasons for an individual to have large lips, e.g. congenital reasons or permanent filler injections.

Whatever the reason behind the large size of your lips, there is a treatment for reducing it. It’s called lip reduction cheiloplasty. This is a lip-reduction surgery aimed at creating a natural harmony between your lower and upper lips while also maintaining or achieving normal lip functionality.

Lip Reduction Cheiloplasty: The Procedure

Lip reduction cheiloplasty focuses on reducing lip volume through the removal of tissue. This procedure is very straightforward.

Before the surgery, the facial plastic surgeon usually makes a colored marking on both lips to understand how the contouring needs to be done. How much excision needs to be done is usually decided by the surgeon after observing the lips of the patient in a particular position.

The patient is given local anesthesia (IV sedation) to numb the region. The facial plastic surgeon then makes an incision on the inside of the lip and removes a tissue strip from either one or both the lips as per the specific requirements of the patient.

After the removal of the tissue strip, the surgeon closes up the incision with sutures. The entire procedure only takes about 45 minutes.

Am I a Candidate for Lip Reduction Cheiloplasty?

Generally, if you are dissatisfied with the excess volume of your lips, you may be an excellent candidate for this procedure.

When the lips are gently parted in a regular lip profile, the lower lip protrudes a little less than the upper lip. When there is extra protrusion of the lower lip, then the lip structure appears to be disproportionately large. If that is the case with your lip structure, then you might be a suitable candidate for lip reduction cheiloplasty.

Recovery After Lip Reduction Cheiloplasty

After the lip reduction cheiloplasty procedure, your lips might remain swollen for a couple of days. In the post-surgery period, it is recommended that patients eat soft foods. A lot of the swelling will reduce in just a few days or a week. The typical time reported for complete healing is two weeks.

Patients might consider taking off from work for two to five days. Your surgeon may prescribe certain medications for pain and swelling after the surgery to help speed up healing.

Lips are undeniably the most eye-catching feature on the lower half of your face and can play a significant role in adding to your overall attractiveness. A good smile is something that can instantly make you look more beautiful. If you are self-conscious about the size of your lips, it might be good to consult your surgeon for lip reduction cheiloplasty.

Find Out More During a Consultation

In order to know whether this surgery will be able to offer the results that you desire, it is best to consult an experienced and knowledgeable facial plastic surgeon.

Dr. Anthony Bared, a highly skilled double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon, will answer any questions you may have during a consultation. To arrange an appointment, contact us today.