Achieving aesthetic and natural results in female hairline lowering transplantation

Many women present to Dr. Bared to lower and or round out their hairline or large forehead. Women can have a form of hair loss whereby the temple area can recede or they can have naturally high hairlines. Aesthetic facial proportions would have the female face divided into vertical thirds where the forehead length would be approximately the same length as the midface from the eyes to the bottom of the nose and from the bottom of the nose to the chin. A high forehead in women can an aesthetic concern for women. Hairline lowering through hair transplantation is a great option for women seeking to lower their hairlines with very natural results.

Candidates for hairline lowering

Women can have a naturally high forehead or they can experience a form of female hair loss which results in hairline recession. If you are concerned about a high forehead, it is best to see a doctor who specializes in hair restoration surgery for the potential options. Hair transplant Miami is an option for women seeking to lower their female hairline or shorten the appearance of their forehead. 

Hairline lowering with hair transplantation

It is important to see a hair specialist for your concerns and options for a high forehead. Stable frontline hairline lowering can be naturally achieved through a hair transplant procedures where the hair-bearing area in the back and the sides of the head are used as donor hair to lower the forehead. The procedure is performed under mostly local anesthesia and patients can return to their normal daily activities as soon as a few days after the procedure.

Obtaining natural results through hairline lowering

Through Miami Hair Transplant, the natural direction and angle of the hair are replicated along the hairline to achieve nearly undetectable results in hairline lowering. Consider hairline transplantation as a natural extension of the existing hairline through hair grafting. In a few cases, patients may desire a secondary procedure after one year to create further hair density. This procedure can also be complemented with a brow-lifting procedure to achieve a more natural appearance.

Achieving a Stable Frontal Hairline with Hair Density Through a Single Surgical Procedure

Achieving a stable frontal hairline with hair density can be accomplished through a single surgical procedure. Hair follicle transplantation is the most popular method for restoring a natural-looking frontal hairline and increasing hair density. The process involves harvesting donor hairs from the back or sides of the scalp, and then grafting the hairs into the areas of hair loss. This achieves a more permanent solution to balding or thinning, as opposed to non-surgical options that only provide temporary results.

The results achieved with a single surgical procedure are also more consistent in terms of texture and color, since they rely on using your own existing hairs rather than synthetic materials or fillers. It is also possible to customize your desired look by carefully placing each follicle in order to create an aesthetically pleasing result that fits your individual facial features and proportions. Additionally, when done correctly, the grafted hairs will grow at nearly the same rate as those surrounding them, creating a uniform appearance across the entire frontal hairline area.

By utilizing this single procedure, you can achieve a heightened level of confidence resulting from having both a restored frontal hairline and increased overall hair density for many years to come. Therefore, if you are looking to achieve a more permanent, natural-looking solution for your hair loss, talk to a professional about the possibility of undergoing hair follicle transplantation.

For a consultation for hairline lowering, visit Dr. Bared. Dr. Bared will discuss the procedure with you and answer any questions you may have. If you would like to schedule an informative consultation, contact our office today.