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Dr. Bared Of Miami Explains Good Rhinoplasty Results – Delaying Gratification

Rhinoplasty is a complex surgery which involves the meticulous reshaping and restructuring of the cartilages and bones that comprise the nose. Rhinoplasty is no different than many other surgeries in that techniques performed have continued to evolve for the betterment of the results. What we have seen as surgeons is that the older more antiquated techniques of rhinoplasty produced immediate, dramatic results. Unfortunately, although these results were, at first, dramatic to the patients and produced some immediate narrowing, the nose continues to heal and change. Although, the results may have been impressive to the patient at first, these “results” continued to change leading to dissatisfaction with the passing of time. Rhinoplasty surgeons first began to appreciate these changes when they were presented with patients who desired revision rhinoplasty. Surgeons leading the field in the development of rhinoplasty techniques began to appreciate that the nose continues to heal with time. Oftentimes patients will relate that they were, at first, ‘happy’ with their results only to see those results change and turn into deformities.

Modern Rhinoplasty Techniques Means More Natural Results and Happier Outcomes

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So what has the development of these newer techniques meant for patients? …In essence, long-lasting results and results which only continue to refine themselves with time. What it does not mean is instant gratification. It requires patience and an understanding that the nose is swollen when the cast is first removed. That swelling is most prevalently seen in the nasal tip and on the frontal view. Modern rhinoplasty techniques provide for strong tip support. This is accomplished by techniques which employ structurally fixating the tip with cartilage grafts and sutures. Techniques which employ the reshaping of the cartilage with little removal of cartilage to ensure that tip will not undergo a deformity in the future. These newer structurally supportive techniques also provide for more natural-appearing results. An experienced rhinoplasty surgeon strives for natural appearing results. As strange as this may come across, I personally, do not want my results seen as a “nice nose job.” These types of reactions are a telltale sign of unnatural results—a “nose job” appearing nose. Modern techniques provide for the natural alignment of the tip cartilages in such a manner that the tip appears more refined but not “pinched.” Most rhinoplasty surgeons attempt to narrow the tip by suturing the tip cartilages together and bringing them to a single point. Yes, this does have the result of “narrowing” the tip and yes the results may be instantly more dramatic, but in time these tips give the appearance of an “operated” nose—an unnatural appearance. Oftentimes patients with these very narrowed tip cartilages will be happy with the initial appearance of a much “smaller” tip but with time they may perceive the tip to take the shape of a “ball.” I am not saying that I prefer larger or wider tips. I am a proponent of techniques which narrow the tip and refine the tip while preserving a natural appearance.

Rhinoplasty Results Are Not Always Instant

The main downside for the patient is that results are not instant. I counsel my patients that their nose will appear wide on the frontal view when the cast first comes off. This is because of normal swelling. In the first several months following the surgery patients will notice subtle improvements in this swelling and the manifestation of the refinements of the tip. Results are gradual and transpire over months. But, as I tell my patients, “your nose will only get smaller and more refined.” The skin will re-drape itself over the newly reshaped and refined cartilages. Ideally, these techniques provide for long a lasting, natural-appearing cosmetic improvement of the shape of the nose drawing attention towards the eyes.

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