Recovery from Hair Transplant

The recovery after hair transplant depends on the site receiving the transplanted hair (ie recipient site) and the type of extraction method (ie FUE or Strip). The recipient site recovery varies if the recipient site was that of scalp, beard, eyebrow, etc but the expected course of the transplanted grafts is generally the same for all sites. The transplanted grafts are shed starting several days after the procedure. This fact is worrisome to patients because they think that the grafts have been lost. In fact, this is expected. What one sees is the hair shaft and the surrounding skin, the cells responsible for the regrowth of the hair are imbedded within the skin. Scabbing of the graft sites typically results in the immediate post-op period. Instructions are given for how to prevent and remove these scabs. The scabs seen are the dried skin from the transplanted grafts. Each patient varies but over the course of the next week to two weeks after the procedure, the recipient area returns to the pre-operative appearance. The grafts then enter into a dormant state which varies from person to person but, on average, the hair will start to regrow 4 to 6 months after the procedure. Full results can be expected around one year to 15 months after the procedure.
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