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Dr. Bared personally evaluates all patients for their candidacy for hair restoration. If you are not able to come in for a consultation to his office in Miami, you may be able to send him photos via email and also consult with him via webcam. On the day of your consultation, you will meet with your patient advisor who you can think of as your “concierge” throughout the entire process. They will help to answer many of your questions and help you to schedule the procedure according to both your and Dr. Bared’s availability. Dr. Bared will then evaluate your medical history and perform a physical examination. He will use a dermatoscopein order to perform a microscopic examination of your hair and scalp. He will listen to your concerns and you will both develop a course of action and treatment plan. If you are a candidate for hair restoration, Dr. Bared will review the medical treatments also necessary to help slow down the progression of further hair loss.
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