Day of Procedure

Dr. Bared will meet with you in the pre-operative suite where the areas to be transplanted will once again be reviewed. Dr. Bared will then perform the necessary pre-operative markings to delineate the areas to be transplanted. The donor area will be marked as well. If you are having your procedure by the FUE technique the donor area will then be shaved will an unguarded shaver to a level of “one.” You will be offered medications which you can take to help relax you for the procedure. You will need to secure transportation if you are taking these medications.

Hair transplantation is a very meticulous procedure where each follicle is either extracted one at a time via the FUE technique or divided under a microscope if the strip technique is performed. Given the meticulous nature of the procedure, you can expect for it to last for most of the day. During this time, you will be resting comfortably in the procedure chair with the entertainment of your choosing (ie movie, music, iPad, etc.)

You will be provided with detailed written post-operative instructions. These will be reviewed with you before leaving at the end of the day. Most patients elect to return on the following day for their first hair wash. At this time the hair will be washed and the technique for hair washing can be reviewed. If travelling does not permit, the hair wash can be performed at home using the detailed instructions provided.

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