How do you use blunt cannulas in facial fillers?

Blunt cannula for facial fillers is a technique which started in Europe and has gained popularity in the last few years in the US. Blunt cannulas are used in lieu of needles for the placement of fillers. Blunt cannulas are no larger in diameter then a very small needle except that the tip is not sharp but rounded. Their popularity by both patients and physicians has increased secondary to their safety and comfort. The technique for the use of blunt cannulas requires a small, initial needle stick followed by the introduction of the cannula itself. You can see my video which features this technique for the placement of hyaluronic acid filler such as Juvederm and Restylane into the nasolabial folds (smile lines). Since they have a blunt tip, cannulas are less traumatic to the underlying tissues providing for less risk of bruising. An added advantage of cannulas is that they only require one initial and superficial needle stick. The most significant advantage which cannulas provide is their safety profile. A very rare but known potential risk of filler injection is the inadvertent injection of filler material into a blood vessel resulting in necrosis (sloughing) of the overlying skin. It is thought that this rare but serious complication is caused by the needle penetrating a blood vessel and the subsequent injection of the filler material into the blood vessel leading to severe complications. With the use of cannulas for the injection of filler, this risk is greatly diminished. There are areas of the face, however, where the use of needles allows for a more targeted placement of filler. These areas include, for example, the marionette lines, the corners of the mouth, the lips, and fine lines around the mouth. Areas which are more amenable to the use of blunt cannulas are the smile lines, cheeks, tear trough, and temples. I only implement methods and techniques in my practice which improve patient safety while providing for excellent results. Blunt cannulas are a very exciting tool for use in facial volume restoration with fillers.

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