Facial Hair Transplantation

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Facial hair transplantation is a sought after procedure for those seeking to have a fuller beard. Dr. Bared perform these procedures in men seeking to have a fuller beard and in transgender patients who desire facial hair. The procedure is also performed for those patients who have undesirable scarring from either previous trauma or acne scarring. The hair that is transplanted to the face behaves like normal beard hair. It is long-lasting hair that can grow at the same rate as the hair on the scalp.

Your Consultation with Dr. Bared

Dr. Anthony Bared M.D. - Facial Plastic Surgeon MiamiThe consultation is a very important part of the process with any cosmetic procedure. If you are not able to meet in person with Dr. Bared, you can send him photos and “meet” with him though either webcam or over the phone. Patients need to have the proper motivation to undergo a facial hair transplantation and they need to also have the proper expectations. Dr. Bared recommends that you bring with you to your consultation photos of ‘desired’ beard shapes. In this manner he has a better idea of your goals. The design of the beard would then determine the number of grafts needed. The greatest limiting factor with facial hair transplantation is the amount of density that can be achieved through one procedure. As is the case with any hair transplant procedure the grafts can only be placed so close together during the procedure. This is particularly true in facial hair transplant procedures. Some patients who desire to have further density may need a secondary procedure in about 10 months after their initial procedure. Dr. Bared will also ask about your personal or family history of hair loss. Patients with a personal or a strong family history of hair loss need to understand that the hairs transplanted to the face may not then serve as hairs which can be transplanted to the scalp if this procedure is ever desired.

FUE versus “strip” donor site harvesting

Hair transplanted to the face will behave like normal beard hair. It is long-lasting hair that is transplanted from the scalp. The technique of graft harvesting can be that of either the FUE (follicular unit extraction) or the “strip” method. If you keep a very short hair cut or would ever desire to buzz your hair, Dr. Bared will likely recommend the FUE technique. The vast majority of the primary cases that Dr. Bared performs today is by the FUE technique.

Beard Design

During the morning of the procedure, Dr. Bared will design the beard shape using the photos of the desired beard you may have brought with you. The process of beard design is performed in front of a mirror so that you are both in agreement. A nice feature of facial hair transplantation unlike scalp hair transplantation is that the hair from the grafts is about the length of a two day old beard. In this manner, you as the patients can have a good sense for how it will look once the hairs grow out and minor changes can be performed throughout the procedure in order to adjust the design.

Post Operative Care

It is important that you adhere to the written post-operative instructions and this will affect the outcome. You should expect small scabs to form in the place of all the transplanted grafts. The face is to remain dry for five days after surgery. After this time you can allow your face to get wet. The transplanted grafts will start to fall out after 5 days to one week. You can start to rub off the scabs gently after 8 days. You can shave the beard after 10 days. Initially you should expect for the transplanted hairs to fall out. This is normal as the actual graft is not lost but rather the ‘old’ hair and skin. Hair re-growth rate varies between individuals but on average it takes around 10 months to a year to see the full results of a beard transplant. At that point you will then enjoy your new, fuller beard!

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