Hair Transplants: What to Expect

Baldness is an increasing problem in today’s world. Factors like family genetics produce a cumulative effect that leads to partial or complete baldness.

If you are among those people who are worried about succumbing to progressing baldness, then you may be very interested to hear about the variety of hair-transplant methods available today.


If you are in search of a hair-transplant technique that will be minimally invasive, nothing is better than FUE, or Follicular Unit Extraction. In this process, the hair from one portion of your scalp is taken and then transplanted to another scalp region. The separate follicular units are carefully harvested mostly from the back portion of the head.

Usually, when a scalpel is used to extract follicular units for hair transplantation, a linear scar is produced which may be evident with a very short hair style. In FUE, however, the units are extracted using a circular punch tool, a very modern method.

This punch tool creates very small holes, or punches, and because they’re so small, they will not require any suturing. In fact, they’re hard to even notice. This treatment can give you back your dense hair in a way that makes it look completely natural.


FUG, or Follicular Unit Grafting, is known as one of the most efficient methods of hair transplantation due to the fact that you can get several hair follicles just from a single strip. The main difference between FUG and FUE lies in the method of extracting. In FUG, an entire strip of scalp tissue is removed and cut into several grafts for transplantation. You will love your new hair the next time you look at yourself after FUG.

Non-Shaving FUE

The non-shaving FUE technique is gaining momentum with each passing day. There will be no shaving in the area from which the follicles are extracted and also no shaving in the area where they are transplanted. The most important advantage of this method is that you will not see a single sign of the treatment after your transplantation. The limitation with the technique is the amount of hair grafts obtainable in a single session.


NeoGraft is a special type of technology that is very advanced. This technology has made FUE even easier FUE. It has been called a game changer by surgeons all over the world. There will be no staples, no stitches, and no scalpels when you are getting your hair transplant with NeoGraft.

It is by far one of the least-invasive hair-transplant options. Not only that, the results achieved from using this technology are very natural and impressive.

If you are in search of an effective treatment that can give you a natural hairline, the aforementioned techniques are the best to choose from.

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