Correct an Aging Neck with Neck Lift Surgery

Many people are looking for aesthetic-enhancement methods to improve the look of an aging, sagging neck. After all, the neck is known to age quicker than the face. If you want a more youthful-looking neck, this can be achieved effectively using neck lift surgery.

Preparation for Surgery

Your healthcare provider will instruct you to avoid certain medicines like blood thinners and vitamins in preparation for your neck lift surgery. Usually, doctors advise the patient to quit smoking two weeks before and after the procedure to let the body prepare for the surgery and then heal more easily afterwards. On the day of the surgery, you may be asked to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes that don’t need to be pulled over your head and neck.

Surgical Techniques

The doctor will decide, after fully evaluating your needs, which form of anesthesia to use during your neck lift surgery. Local anesthesia with IV sedation and general anesthesia are common options.

During the neck lift procedure, three techniques are commonly used: cervicoplasty, platysmaplasty, and liposuction. Patients will need one or more of these techniques depending on their specific case.


Cervicoplasty is a surgical technique used to tighten the skin of the neck. It requires the surgeon to make a small incision beneath your chin and sometimes around the ears, followed by trimming of excess loose neck skin.


Platysmaplasty is used to reduce the appearance of a turkey wattle, which is caused by sagging neck muscle tissue. During this technique, the platysma muscles of the neck are tightened, and excess platysmal muscle tissue is removed as needed. Afterwards, the muscles are sewn together using internal sutures, bringing the muscles close to the midline.


Liposuction is a technique used to remove excess fatty tissue from your jawline, neckline, and chin, contouring these areas. During this option, a cannula is inserted into the incisions. It is used to break up the fatty tissue in the area. After this, medical suction is employed to remove the dislodged fat cells through the cannula tube.

The Recovery Process

Complete recovery may take from two to four weeks depending on the exact surgical techniques used and the amount of tissue that has been removed. The results are long-term, though aging and other factors can still affect the results.

You may be asked to avoid strenuous activities for a time after your surgery. Continue to follow the diet chart prepared by your doctor in order to ease your recovery.

The results of the neck lift procedure are usually quite impressive, and if the procedure is combined with non-invasive skin rejuvenation methods, they can be further accentuated.

Take the Next Step

If you would like to surgically revitalize your neck for a more youthful look, the next step is contacting our office and arranging an appointment for a consultation. During this informative consultation, you will be able to discuss your needs and aesthetic goals with Dr. Anthony Bared. Dr. Bared, a double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience, will be happy to help.

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