A Buccal Fat Removal Treatment Contours the Face

Although most people seem outwardly content with the way they look, if given the chance, they’d likely be happy to change a few things about their appearance. While some people are unhappy with their noses, others are unsatisfied with the appearance of their bellies. Another area that many people are insecure about is the cheeks. It may come as a surprise to some, but lots of people believe their cheeks are too fat, chubby, round, or prominent.

Removing Buccal Fat

Buccal fat is found underneath the lower areas of the cheeks. When excess fat is collected in this area, it can result in chubby “chipmunk” cheeks. Genetic predisposition and being overweight both play a major role in the collection of excess buccal fat.

As more fat collects, people can feel insecure about the appearance of their cheeks. Fortunately, there is buccal fat removal treatment, which can help remove fatty tissue from the cheeks and give the face new contours and shape. This treatment allows people to achieve a more attractive and chiseled appearance.

How Is Buccal Fat Removed?

During the treatment, the patient is given local anesthesia, as this is an invasive procedure. A small incision is made inside the patient’s mouth, between the gums and the cheeks, directed towards the back of the mouth. This incision gives the surgeon access to the fibers and tissue of the cheek muscles. The buccal fat is carefully removed through the incision. The incision is then closed with sutures.

What to Expect After Buccal Fat Extraction

Immediately after the procedure, most patients will experience some bruising, swelling, and discomfort. This is common with all procedures that involve incisions and stitches.

Since the incisions are located inside the mouth, the patient may find it challenging to eat immediately after the procedure. They are advised to eat only soft foods for the first five days. They should also rinse their mouth after every meal. Acidic foods are a major no-no, as they can irritate the incisions and delay healing.

Once the swelling has reduced, the difference is very noticeable. The cheeks will appear less chubby and more contoured than before. The patient’s face will have a new and improved shape.

The Benefits of Undergoing Buccal Fat Removal

This procedure helps people achieve a whole new look. People who were earlier insecure and unhappy with the appearance of their cheeks now have thinner and more defined ones. This enhances their appearance, making them look leaner and more athletic. An improved appearance can lead to a boost in confidence and self-esteem.

Buccal fat removal can also help people appear less childlike, as chubby cheeks are often associated with children. The results of this procedure are permanent, giving people a new sculpted look.

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