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Miami Necklift Surgery to recapture a youthful appearance

As you age, the skin and muscle tissue around your face may sag and deteriorate. This is an inevitable sign of aging that many people want to change. Skin that hangs from your face or a double chin can be distressing, and a necklift procedure can reduce or eliminate these characteristics. With this cosmetic surgery at Facial Plastic Surgery Miami, Dr. Bared can help you achieve a more youthful appearance.

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Necklift Surgery with Miami Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bared

When to Consider a Miami Necklift

If signs of aging appear on your face and neck, and you want to fix them, you are a candidate for this facial rejuvenation technique. Here are some of the things a necklift can help:

  • A double chin
  • Sagging jowls
  • Loose skin due to extreme weight loss
  • Loose neck skin due to age

These characteristics can be difficult to hide, but why hide them when you can make them disappear? This procedure will work best for you if you do not smoke. Smoking can cause further damage to your skin, and impede the healing process. It is also important to keep realistic expectations about your results. If you have considered these details and want to repair any of the characteristics listed above, a necklift is a great option for you. Further details can be discussed with Dr. Bared at your personal consultation in Miami.

The Necklift Consultation with Miami Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bared

Highly trained and experienced, Dr. Anthony Bared can offer you great results with facial plastic surgery. He is an expert who specializes in facial procedures, and has extensive experience. You can set up a consultation at his office in South Miami, FL, where he will discuss your options with you. Some of the things you may discuss:

  • Your motivation for surgery
  • Your desired results
  • Your medical history
  • Your current health

He will cover all of the bases with you to be sure you fully understand the procedure, including the risks and achievable results. If you have any questions about the necklift procedure, don’t hesitate to ask. Getting information is the purpose of this consultation, and Dr. Bared would be happy to tell you anything you want to know. When you have determined that a necklift at Facial Plastic Surgery Miami is the right option for you, the next step will be to schedule a procedure date.

Dr. Bared’s Approach to a Surgical Necklift Procedure

A necklift is often performed during a general facelift, or with other procedures like eyelid surgery, forehead lifts, etc. You can read more about facelift surgery procedures on our page about Miami Facelifts. This is the essential process:

  1. Anesthesia is administered to prevent pain during the procedure. The doctor will discuss your anesthetic options during your consultation as well.
  2. Incisions are made around the sides of the face and , at times, beneath the chin, where the scars can be concealed in your natural contours. Then the skin is tightened, repositioned, or trimmed away to reduce or eliminate the appearance of sagging or wrinkles.
  3. Sutures are then put in place to close the surgical site. These stitches will later be removed by Dr. Bared when they have healed.

Once this procedure has been completed, along with any other procedures, you may be having simultaneously you will be on your way to a fast recovery.

Recovery and Results from a Miami Necklift

Dr. Bared will provide you with detailed instructions as to the care and keeping of your surgical site. You may expect:

  • Medication
  • Bandages
  • Swelling
  • Bruising

These are all standard after having the procedure performed, and will heal quickly if cared for as instructed. When you have healed and Dr. Bared removes your stitches, you will see the desired reduction in drooping or wrinkled skin beneath your chin, and can proudly show your more youthful results.

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