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Injectable Wrinkle Treatment

As we age we naturally lose volume in our face. This loss of volume contributes to some of the wrinkles in our faces, the hollowing of our cheeks, and thinning of our lips. Today there are facial fillers that can be placed underneath the skin to help restore volume loss and flatten certain wrinkles. There exist three general types of fillers: permanent, non-permanent, and semi-permanent. Dr. Bared elects not to use permanent facial fillers. He feels that these are not the safest and by their nature do not result in permanent changes.

Hyaluronic Acids

There are a multitude of non-permanent fillers in the market today. Dr. Bared mostly prefers to use hyaluronic acids to fill wrinkles around the mouth and under the eyes. The creases along the line formed between the edge of our nose and the corner of our mouth (nasolabial folds) and those formed from the descent of our jowls along the lower corner of our mouth (marionette lines) are both very amenable to correction with facial fillers. Hyaluronic acids are a naturally occurring sugar molecule found underneath the skin which has the ability to attract water and thus add fullness seen in youthful faces. Hyaluronic acids are also used to underneath the eyes to correct the depression caused from the descent of the cheek referred to as the tear trough. They are a great way to help fill in thin lips providing a very natural result.

What to Expect During Treatment

When seeing Dr. Bared for facial fillers he will ensure your comfort during the procedure. Fillers are placed underneath the skin through very small needles. Some fillers have a local anesthetic already within them (Juvederm Ultra). In order to help maximize your comfort a topical anesthetic cream can be placed on the skin to help numb the skin prior to the placement of the filler. An ice pack is then used after the placement of the filler for several minutes to help diminish any potential swelling. In order to help minimize the chance of bruising patients should avoid over the counter anti-inflammatory medications like Advil or Aspirin prior to facial filler. The entire procedure is performed in the office and lasts minutes. Patients can return to work immediately after filler placement but should avoid exercise that day.

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