What causes your face to drop as you age?

There are a multitude of factors that contribute to the aging process. These range from the things that we can control (sunlight exposure, lifestyle, smoking, healthy diets) to those that which we cannot (such as genetics). Nowhere is this more evident than in the face, which is often the first indication that that we receive of a person´s age and well-being. Simply put, it is the means by which we greet the world, and by which others perceive the way we feel or how old we appear to be. According to researchers, there are three major causes of aging regarding the face. These are sun exposure, fat loss and natural changes in the skin. While the latter two are harder to prevent due to genetics having an influence, the former is entirely preventable. Contrary to what the people at the tanning enthusiasts might tell you, prolonged exposure to sunlight over an extended period of time is terrible for your skin, leaving aside the risk of melanoma. This is true regardless of your complexion, though perhaps more so if you already have a lack of melanin in your skin. Some sun exposure is necessary for the production of vitamin D, but more than approximately10 minutes a day of direct exposure is unnecessary. Fat loss is a natural process that occurs with aging that creates the gaunt appearance and sagging of the skin. The best course of treatment is a healthy diet combined with exercise, which can offset the aging process somewhat. Facelifts and fillers are both excellent surgical and nonsurgical options, respectively. They provide lasting (though not permanent) solutions to the drooping that occurs with fat and collagen loss. Other causes of aging in the face are attributed to stress, alcohol use and a lack of sleep, all of which can be controlled somewhat in our daily lives.

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