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Your Facelift Consultation with Dr. Anthony Bared

Dr. Anthony Bared M.D. - Facial Plastic Surgeon MiamiOnce a patient has made the decision to undergo a facelift, the important next decision becomes choosing a surgeon. Dr. Bared understands the importance of this decision and he and his team help to make the process as comfortable as possible. Before your visit with Dr. Bared, you will speak to a patient advisor with years of experience in cosmetic surgery. The patient advisor will help answer as many questions as possible and explain to you the process in detail even before your first visit. This patient advisor serves as your liaison throughout the entire process both before and after your surgery. Upon your consultation with Dr. Bared, he will gather as much information as is needed about your medical history and listens to the concerns you may have about your facial aging. He will then perform a detailed examination of your face, taking a holistic approach to your treatment plan. Although your initial thoughts may be to have a facelift or surgical procedure, do not be surprised if Dr. Bared advises you to not have surgery. Dr. Bared has your best interests in mind and often tells patients that they are not ready for surgery. If you do have the proper motivations for surgery, are in good general health, and Dr. Bared feels that a facelift would be beneficial he will explain the expectations of the results and the recovery in detail. At times, Dr. Bared may feel that complementary procedures may be beneficial for the results. Dr. Bared may recommend treating other areas of the face like the eyes and brow. He may suggest performing laser resurfacing to help with fine wrinkles and sun spots in the skin. After your initial consultation with Dr. Bared, you will again see him for a pre-operative visit. The objective of the consultation is both to develop a plan but, more importantly, for both you and Dr. Bared to develop a mutual trust.

Pre-operative visit

During your pre-operative visit with Dr. Bared, you will again review the plan for the procedure as well as revisit the post-operative instructions. Be sure to bring any questions you may have (it is best to write down all your questions) to this visit. Dr. Bared will review with you what your will expect the day of the procedure and the night following the procedure. Any prescriptions will be given to you on this visit so that you will not need to concern yourself with filling them after your surgery. Dr. Bared ensures that all of your questions and concerns are addressed before proceeding with surgery.

Day of surgery

The day of the surgery you will be greeted by Dr. Bared’s staff and you and anyone accompanying you will be brought into a pre-operative room. Dr. Bared will then see you and perform any pre-operative markings that may be needed before surgery. It is very normal to be anxious the day of the surgery. With the IV sedation you will be in a state of twilight sedation but you have no recollection of the surgery. After your surgery, you will be in a recovery room for several hours where you will be closely monitored. After you fell well enough to go home, you will then be able to do so with an accompanying adult. You will need someone to stay with you for the first few nights after surgery.

Facelift Recovery

It is important to keep your head slightly elevated when you sleep for at least the first week after surgery. You can either sleep with your head and back propped on three pillows are a reclining chair. Expect to have bandaging after surgery which applies pressure to the face. The day following your surgery, Dr. Bared will see you for your first post-operative visit. At this visit the bandage is removed and your face is examined. The bandage is then replaced for a second day. It is important to keep light activity without bending over or exerting yourself. These actions can have negative consequences to your recovery. After the second day, the bandages are removed. You will have to then apply antibiotic ointment to the sutures twice a day for the first week. The application of the ointment helps with the healing of the incisions. The sutures are removed starting at a week after surgery. Most sutures need to be removed but some are dissolvable. Expect to have some bruising, after a week makeup can be applied to the face. If you develop bruising this may last for a week to ten days. Some studies have shown that taking arnica may help shorten the duration of bruising. Arnica is a supplement which can be found at a local vitamin shop or it is also a natural component of pineapple juice. Some swelling to the face is also expected after surgery. To help diminish swelling it is important to keep your head elevated while sleeping and to decrease the amount of salt intake. The swelling will naturally subside with time. On average, you can expect to be able to return to work after a week to ten days and social engagements in around two weeks.

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