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Aging is inevitable, and can be very noticeable in the skin of your face. Sagging skin in certain areas, jowls and loss of neckline definition are all characteristics that can develop with the passing of time. Other factors can cause your skin to appear older as well, like smoking, weight loss, sun damage. You may wish that you could give your skin a younger and healthier appearance. What you really want is more control over the appearance of your face, and a great solution to this problem is a facelift, also known as a rhytidectomy. This procedure can help substantially lessen the appearance of aging in your face and neck. Stopping the aging process isn’t realistic, but you can certainly fight it and achieve the more youthful appearance you desire with a facelift procedure at Facial Plastic Surgery Miami.

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Facelift Surgery with Miami Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bared

When to Consider a Miami Facelift

Concern about your physical appearance is the first thing that makes you a rhytidectomy candidate. Men and women of all ages can be bothered by the evidence of wrinkles or drooping skin on the face, and may therefore find a facelift beneficial. Here are some of the physical characteristics that a facelift can alter:

  • Jowls caused by muscle tone loss
  • Loose skin and fat deposits that cause the appearance of a double chin
  • General loose or sagging skin in the face due to age
  • Loose or sagging skin due to weight loss

These are common afflictions caused by age, lifestyle or weight loss, which you can change with Dr. Bared at Facial Plastic Surgery Miami. If you are a person in overall good health, with a desire to reduce the appearance of aging in your face and realistic expectations of the possible results, then you are an ideal candidate for a rhytidectomy. It is also best if you are a non-smoker, or plan to quit smoking, as this habit can affect the healing process and increase risks. The next step to facial rejuvenation is to set up a consultation with an expert in the facial plastic surgery field, such as Dr. Bared in South Miami, FL.

The Facelift Consultation with Miami Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Bared

Dr. Bared is a highly-trained and experienced plastic surgeon in South Miami, FL. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery awards only 43 national fellowships, and Dr. Anthony Bared was one of these exclusive recipients. This means that his training was very rigorous and extensive, and he specializes in facial plastic surgery procedures, so you can be assured of his expertise with facelifts. Dr. Bared can give you some of the best advice available in Miami, and help you get the results you are looking for.

You can set up a personal consultation with Dr. Bared at his medical office in Miami. A facelift is an intense surgical procedure, so a meeting with the doctor is necessary for a proper evaluation. Some of the things you should be prepared to discuss:

  • Reasons for wanting surgery
  • Desired results and expectations
  • Medical history
  • Current state of health
  • Personal habits, like tobacco use and alcohol consumption

Anything that pertains to your health or may affect your decision or candidacy for a facelift procedure can be discussed. It is also a good idea to come prepared with any questions you may have for Dr. Bared about facelift procedures, so you can feel fully informed about the process and what you can expect. He will explain all of your options to you, and give you a better idea of the likely results, to help you decide whether a facelift is right for you personally. Dr. Bared will also describe the procedure itself.

Dr. Bared’s Approach to a Surgical Facelift Procedure

Dr. Bared is very experienced with this surgery and can be trusted to perform it as safely and efficiently as possible. A rhytidectomy is a delicate procedure that consists of 3 basic steps:

  1. Anesthesia. Administering an anesthetic helps to prevent pain and discomfort during the procedure. Each patient has individual needs, and depending on these, Dr. Bared will recommend either general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. These options can be discussed during your personal consultation.
  2. Incision. Dr. Bared will make the necessary incisions around the ear, in the hairline, or at times under the chin. This will allow him to tighten the skin, while causing minimal trauma to the face. The underlying tissue is tightened, which results in lifting and natural contouring of the face, and prevents the unnatural, “pulled” looking results that can occur with an inexperienced surgeon. During this part of the procedure, other work may be done as well, such as liposuction, Laser Resurfacing, Necklift, Foreheadlift, Blepharoplasty, Facial Fillers, or Fat Transfer. These options can be discussed during the consultation as well. His familiarity with delicate facial anatomy allows Dr. Bared to reduce your risks and give you a faster recovery.
  3. Sutures. After the desired work is done, Dr. Bared will close the incisions with stitches. These will be removed after a week or two, depending on your personal recovery. Any resulting scars will be conveniently hidden beneath the hairline or in natural contours of your face.

After the procedure, you will be on your way to a healthy recovery.

Recovery and Results from a Miami Facelift

Patients recovering from a facelift can return to their home or hotel after the procedure accompanied by an adult. A typical recovery takes 2 weeks, though the process varies for each individual. Some things to expect after a rhytidectomy:

  • Swelling
  • Mild bruising
  • Compression bandages
  • Medication

Elevating your head, regularly wearing your bandage, and taking your medication correctly are some of the best methods to help relieve your symptoms more quickly. Dr. Bared will provide you with specific instructions to care for your surgery site, and it will be necessary to follow these closely and take prescribed medication to recover properly. You can expect to need time off of normal activities, including work, in order to heal. Your recovery progress will be evaluated during a follow-up consultation, and your stitches might also be removed. Suture removal will occur within 7-14 days after the procedure, when you have healed sufficiently.

If you follow instructions properly, you can expect the results you discussed with Dr. Bared, like more youthful looking skin. In order to maintain these results, it is important to avoid sun damage and smoking, and to live a healthy lifestyle.

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