Crooked Nose Rhinoplasty Miami

Correcting A Crooked Nose with Plastic Surgeon Dr. Bared

The crooked nose is considered one of the more challenging corrections to make in both primary and revision rhinoplasty surgery miami. There is very little margin when trying to correct the crooked nose—every millimeter counts. As a surgeon, you are trying to set a three dimensional structure in the center of the face in the midline. Dr. Bared feels that a successful surgery “starts” with the pre-operative assessment. During the initial consultation a detailed history and physical examination needs to be performed. Proper history should include asking as assessing for nasal breathing problems. After taking the proper nasal history, Dr. Bared then performs a thorough nasal examination which includes the evaluation of the septum and the nasal valve.

The nasal examination often includes the use of a small scope to thoroughly examine the septum. Special attention needs to be given to the area of the nasal valve. The area of the internal nasal valve is an area where the maximum restriction to airflow takes place. It is bordered by the septum, the nasal sidewall and the inferior turbinate. If each of these areas of the nasal valve is not properly examined a component of the nasal airway may not be addressed during surgery. Proper nasal analysis also includes the taking of photos of the nose from multiple angles, including close-up photos under proper lighting.

After a patient is seen in consultation, examined, and photos are taken, Dr. Bared then begins to develop an operative plan. The initial plan is based on the evaluation of these factors. The plan may change within the surgery if the anatomy of the bones and cartilages are different than what was expected before surgery. A proper ‘toolbox’ of techniques is needed in order to make the adequate corrections. The correction of the crooked nose typically entails using cartilage grafts made available by the cartilage from the septum. The use of cartilage grafts and suturing techniques help to make the corrections to the crooked appearance of the nose.

Dr. Bared’s practice consists largely of Rhinoplasty Procedure – 70%

The correction of the crooked nose does not end at the time of surgery. The follow up appointments with Dr. Bared are very important and will affect the ultimate outcome. There are techniques that can be employed after the surgery to help make refinements to the results which Dr. Bared will discuss with you at the time of your consultation.