Get Rid Of That Baby Fat with Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat is nothing but deposition of layers of fat in the lower-cheek portion of the face.

Some people are blessed with the perfect cheekbones and a sharp jawline. However, not all of us are satisfied with the way our cheeks look. Sometimes, the shape of one’s cheek can make them feel overly conscious of their looks.

Many people complain of fat or chubby cheeks that almost look round. The cause behind this is the buccal fat, more commonly known as cheek fat.

What Is Buccal Fat and Why Does It Form?

Buccal fat is nothing but deposition of layers of fat in the lower-cheek portion of the face. This gives the cheeks a plumper appearance. “Chipmunk cheeks” can be caused by a variety of factors. One of the major factors contributing to the issue is obesity. However, genetic factors also play a big role in the shape of your face.

How To Get The Perfect Chiseled Look

People with excess buccal fat can come in for cheek reduction surgery, also known as buccal fat removal, to achieve an ideal chiseled look.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

This surgery is mostly performed in a surgeon’s office, in the outpatient surgery center or sometimes in a hospital setting. It’s a minor surgery that typically takes less than 45 minutes to be performed.

During the procedure, local anesthesia is administered. The surgeon then makes a small incision between the cheek and the gums. The main cheek muscle is thus exposed, and the surgeon has gained access to the fatty tissue.

Using extreme pressure under the cheekbone, the surgeon then exposes the buccal fat through the incision. Using surgical knives and tweezers the fat is teased out. After an adequate amount of fat is removed, the incisions are closed with sutures.

Recovery and Results

Generally, it does not take long to heal from this procedure, often only a few days. During recovery, you may find the area around your mouth to be numbed. You may have difficulty chewing for a few days.

A degree of swelling, bruising, and inflammation may be present, but this will be temporary. There may be some discomfort and pain, and so the doctor will prescribe antibiotics and painkillers to avoid infections and relieve any post-surgery pain.

Your body will require rest after this surgery. Any strenuous activities such as sports should be avoided to get the best results and avoid complications while the skin is healing.

Schedule an Appointment

When selecting your plastic surgeon for cheek reduction surgery, you must make sure that the surgeon you choose is a trusted one and has an experienced hand in the procedure. This will ensure that you get the best quality services for your investment.

When you choose Dr. Anthony Bared, a skilled double-board-certified facial plastic surgeon with years of experience, you’ll receive the care you deserve and results you can be proud of. Dr. Bared will be happy to help you address excess cheek fat.

To get started, contact us and schedule a consultation. During your consultation, it’s best to convey your desires and motives behind the surgery to give your surgeon a clear idea of the results you are aiming for.