Tired Looking Face – What procedure for my tired look?

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What procedure do you suggest for my tired look?

What Procedure For My Tired Look
A common concern that patients wish to address is how to avoid having a continually tired appearance. The causes of this are varied, most often as a result of the aging process, a lack of sleep and dehydration. This condition can present itself among the lower eyelids, the upper eyelids, or sometimes even both. The best procedure to suggest for this is a blepharoplasty, which is quite safe and highly effective. The entire goal of this procedure is to freshen up and smooth out the skin around the eyelids, which often restores a more wakeful appearance to the patient. This is a reasonably simplistic procedure that removes the fat pockets that have accumulated around the eyes and tightens the skin around the eyes. This allows the patient to achieve rejuvenation to their appearance and also eliminates that “tired look” which is so often cited as a cosmetic problem.

Other Suggested Options

This is not the only solution for a patient who might be concerned about surgery. There are other techniques available such as laser resurfacing and the use of fillers to help even out the skin. Sometimes a topical cream such as hydroquinone can be provided by the doctor, and this can bring about the restoration of a more rested look without surgery. I should be noted that these nonsurgical procedures and treatments do not bring the permanency that a blepharoplasty does, but may be equally effective depending upon what the particular patient present with. The better the quality of the skin is for the patient, the easier and more smoothly that any procedure will proceed. A proper consultation with the doctor should allow him to determine what the situation is for the patient and how best he can help them regain the revitalized appearance that they desire.

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